Black Cat Style Mask Free Template and Tutorial

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How to create a custom fitted Black Cat eye mask, with free template and tutorial. While this mask has a shape based off of Black Cat (aka Felicia Hardy) you could actually use it to create any style mask by printing out the pattern and drawing a new design on top. You will need a thermoplastic type material like Worbla, which is what I’m using here. I use the black style, so I don’t even need to paint it.

I have small mask-size pieces of this Worbla available in my Etsy Shop:Coplay, Costumes and Props by Candy Keane

Materials Needed for Black Cat Mask:

Paper, scissors, chalk, thermoplastic or foam if preferred. You might want to use an X-Acto type knife on the Worbla, though you can also use strong scissors. There are different materials you can use this with as well- alternatives to Worbla or even foam. But…

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