Instagram Backup Account

Today I have setup a new Instagram account

because I’ve seen many of the people I follow disappearing – for unknown reason

Gui Hellsing has her account closed recently

And many others in the past …

And to avoid losing my current account, I made this new one (as backup)

Kristhin Gomez (Fan Art)

K is for Kristhin!

Kristhin Gómez is a well-known Instagram star who was born in Spain on July 22, 1981.

Spanish fitness model and showgirl who became known as the “Spanish Barbie” on social media.

She was the first woman in Spain to have the largest breast implants.

This year (2021) Kristhin will celebrate her 40th birthday

Next week plan

Here is the plan for next week – Jun 7 to 13 2021

I want to draw Fan Art for Helen Festin, more Raven, and maybe try my first comics page

The practice of the blog diary is a catalyst for the transformation of the self

Tiefling Gargoyle of Rin

New Fan Art of Rin (RinCity) – it has been cropped by the instagram algorithm – but I will add the full picture here

And the reference photo from Rin official account

I have to say – Rin is one of the cosplayer who inspires me the most ; that means there will be more to come